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Bantam Books, Incorporated, October 2 copies. One with a different cover. Bantam Books, Incorporated, June I have a differeent cover. One of the most beloved and avidly read comic strips of all time, Bloom County not only became a part of, but helped define, the popular culture of a decade.

This collection is destined to become a classic. Paperback,1st ed. This side-splitting encore to the first bestselling collection--Politically, Fashionably, and Aerodynamically Incorrect--captures the further adventures of Opus the penguin, Bill the cat, and other strange characters. Hardcover, 1st ed. Christopher Ma, ed.

The Practical Guide to Practically Everything: Information you can Really Use This extensive, one-volume personal library offers a better way of getting the facts one needs to live safety, easily, inexpensively, and enjoyably in complicated times. In a lively style, The Practical Guide to Practically Everything covers such consumer issues as health care, money matters, buying a car, safety on airlines and in airports, strategies for getting better pay, and more.

This guide offers professional diagnostic techniques for IBM-compatible hard and floppy drives, tape backups, memory chips, solid-state memory cards, and optical drives including CD-ROMs. Bigelow also covers new tools, test equipment, and diagnostic software. Includes consolidated troubleshooting charts, vendor listings, glossary, and a schematic symbols chart. Paperback, 1st ed. Workman Publishing Company, Inc. The Best of the Nebulas Paperback,pp. Bowers Terry Deeming Astrophysics, Vol.

The hero, a book burner, suddenly discovers that books are flesh and blood ideas that cry out silently when put to the torch.

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Paxson; Elisabeth Waters; C. Ages of Chaos 1 The great epic of Darkover did not begin with the Terrans' arrival. For in those years, the power of the matrix was first learned--and misused in a power struggle that could have made Darkover a duplicate of Terra. D A W Books, Inc. Ages of Chaos 2 Paperback,pp. Her most brilliant and popular creation, the Darkover books take readers to a planet torn by rebellion--and struggling for freedom Penguin Putnam, Inc.

Brallier R. Los Angeles : J. Tarcher ; New York : Distributed by St. Martin's Press, c Creative ability. Over the centuries, groups of sentient beings have eluded the laws and made Jijo a home--but what will happen when the Five Galaxies catch on? A strange ship in Jijo's skies may hold the answer.

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The various uplifted inhabitants of Garth must battle their overlords or face ultimate extinction. At stake is the existence of Terran society and Earth, and the fate of the entire Five Galaxies.

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Bantam Books, Incorporated, May Progenitor series. An unforgettable new universe from the bestselling author of Startide Rising. Bantam Books, Incorporated, June Great! Random House, Incorporated, May 2, second Uplift series. Textbook Paperback,1st ed. But in peaceful Shady Vale, half-elfin Shea Ohmsford knew little of such troubles. Then came the giant, forbidding Allanon, possessed of strange Druidic powers, to reveal that the Warlock Lord was plotting to destroy the world. Brown Science Tricks and Experiments Paperback,1st ed. Brown R. Keynes, W. Hopkins Essentials of Neural Development, 2nd Ed.

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Textbook Paperback, 1st ed. Jeffcott Absolutely Mad Inventions Paperback, pp. Baen Books, September Miles Vorkosigan series. Baen Books, August Miles Vorkosigan series. Sprague De Camp, ed. The third book continues the saga of Ender Wiggin, as he struggles to preserve no less than four different intelligent alien lifeforms. A national bestseller in hardcover. Kidd Lovelock Mayflower Trilogy 1 From the bestselling author of Xenocide comes the story of Lovelock, a capuchin monkey engineered to be the perfect servant.

Behind his eyes lie digital recording devices and in his heart is the desire to please. But he is something special, he's a little smarter than most humans--smart enough to feel the bonds of slavery, and want freedom.

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Carey Robert C. Carey Organic Chemistry Hardcover, pp. Best Science Fiction of the Year, Vol. Best Science Fiction of the Year 3 2nd ed. Chalker Pirates of the Thunder Rings 2 , Vol. Chalker Mask of the Martyrs Rings 4 Hawks suspected their greatest battle still faced them even before the pirates of the Thunder had collected all the rings to bring Master System to its knees.

But he never suspected betrayal from one of their own, and unless Hawks can find the traitor--and learn how to use the rings--Master System may be the victor after all! Cherryh Illustrator ,Michael Whelan, Illustrator Chanur's Legacy Chanur 5 In this intrigue- and adventure-packed work, Cherryh takes readers back to Compact space, home territory of the advanced catlike race the hani. Here is the story of the next generation of hani and specifically of Hilfy, the new captain of the spaceship Chanur's Legacy.

First time in paperback. But Morgaine and Vanye have brought devastation to the peaceful land. For the hordes of Shiuan were on their heels, determined to conquer a new land for themselves and to avenge their lost planet. Cherryh Merchanter's Luck The fateful meeting between the owner of a tramp star-freighter that flies the Union planets under false papers and fake names and a proud but junior member of a powerful starship-owning family leads to a record-breaking race to Downbelow Station--and a terrifying showdown at a deadly destination off the cosmic charts.

Cherryh Exile's Gate Gate 4 , Vol. The story of a married woman who pursues love outside a stuffy, middle-class marriage, the novel portrays the mind of a woman seeking fulfillment of her essential nature. Bantam Books, Incorporated, July fiction I have a different cover. Clark Robert L. Switzer Experimental Biochemistry 2d ed Textbook Paperback, 2nd ed. Clarke The Hammer of God Clarke's first major solo novel in years--a national bestseller--tells the compelling story of the race to protect Earth from imminent destruction.

An asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, and while a starship tries to redirect it, religious fanatics engage in sabotage to ensure that their predicted Apocalypse will come. Clarke Odyssey three In , Heywood Floyd must once again confront Dave Bowman, a newly independent HAL, and the limitless power of an unseen alien race that has decided that Mankind is to play a role in the evolution of the galaxy--whether it wants to or not. Continuing the spellbinding excitement begun in A Space Odyssey.

Clarke Voices Across the Sea The efforts, failures and successes in laying a telegraph cable across the ocean, the first in and the telephone cable in Revised edition New York Harper and Row The second half dives into the Oceans of Ignorance that surround what is known. Filled with anecdotes, diagrams, and colorful everyday examples, it is certain to make people look at the world in a new way. Coleman Wide Awake at A. Corduneanu Integral Equations and Applications Hardcover, pp.

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Cowdry, ed. Crick describes the experiences that brought him to the field of molecular biology, the failures and frustrations preceding his triumph, and the peculiar distortions that crept into popular accounts of the event. Min Lee, ed. Darnell David Baltimore, H.

Lodish Molecular Cell Biology Hardcover, pp. Mayr On the Origin of Species: Paperback,1st ed. Davis, ed. In this book, Dawkins skillfully guides the reader on a breathtaking journey through the mountain's passes and up its many peaks to demonstrate that following the improbable path to perfection takes time. Dawson Modern Russian Workbook, Vol. Dawson Modern Russian Workbook 2 Paperback, pp. Hardcover,1st ed. Delany Atlantis: Three Tales Hardcover,pp.

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