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A Quick Look Inside the U.

Ilsa - The Mad Butcher Blu-ray

Securities and Exchange Commission Can you handle the truth? Where my girls at? Medic, Please! Jungle Girl? Summertime in Mo'town summer in the 'burgh Onward PIA Auction on March 7th! Better late than never. Snow Day! You're Here. Now What?

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Surviving Your 1L Year. Trivia Contest Round 2! Welcome Home! Once Upon A Time Start of Spring Semester Want a new, great workout? Have a Holly, Jolly, Molly Christmas break! You know that because you were there. Recording that testimony. I feel like you could have just asked him to speak to you and then you present your case.

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Sure, pull a gun on the guy you want to work with. It does work, though. He falsifies info for her to go undercover. These two butch nurses bring her in and push her around like a fucking prisoner, then admit her.

They then strip her down and hose her down. No shit, her bush is bigger than mine. She gets to meet her fellow cellmates. She meets 10 who also demands to go by the name Juana who tears open her shirt so the other girls can see, and have a feel. Ilsa calls for 10, and the pixie-cut cutie is told to undress her wicked warden.

And Geoff is a fan of where this is going. Jesus Franco Christ these ladies are endowed. She then tells 10 she can now scream and climbs on top of her to push the needles in deeper. Abbie meets a transsexual and they have a heart to heart about love or something. Abbie meets Ilsa and her assistant Pablo. Anyway, Abbie tells Ilsa about her first occasion of stroking off one of her 10 year old students. Later, Abbie starts asking around about Rosa. I kind of get the feeling that 10 is like that one kid in middle school that is like 17 and drives himself there every morning.

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Nothing wrong with some naked girl shower wrestling. Apparently, though, the clinic is not a fan of sexy naked girl shower wrestling because they take them both off and Abbie wakes up strapped down. Ilsa is there and tells her she was very violent and scared the other patients. While in solitary, Abbie meets 20, a black lady who has been in the cell next door for many months.

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So Abbie is brought back to her room and 14, our transsexual patient, caresses and gives Abbie some comfort and sexy make outs before sleep. Also, how cute is it that 14 and 41 are making out and like each other so much? And she does. It turns out that Rosa is not actually dead.

Ilsa orders 10 to tell Abbie some info to play along so they can better find out who Abbie really is. While Ilsa goes around on her daily whippings for those in solitary, we learn that Rosa really is still alive, but in pretty bad shape. Rosa confirms she knows who Abbie is and how they are sisters. Rosa says that Abbie is not involved in anything and only wanted to find out what happened to Rosa.

Ilsa asks for the name of the leader of some terrorist group? Rosa tells her it is Dr. Okay, wait. Like I can get behind the idea of some of these girls being problems for society and locked away as political prisoners based on some twisted idea for decency or something. But a terrorist? This is kinda shoehorned in kind of willy nilly.

PDF ILSA #20 (Italian Edition)

Is Ilsa running some sort of government thing, or trying to overthrow a government? Arcos is a leader of some group? Earlier those other people on that board he went to for help said he was a man of the people always fighting for rights and stuff. Was that meant to be the tether to this terrorist thing? After all this toilet talk, Ilsa visits with a man who runs the prisons in the country.

She teases him with her body as he talks about her in lots of superlatives. Even Pablo comes into the following scene to drop off papers and stuff linking Arcos to that whole thing. So when she says go, the inmates go bonkers wild and just start raping everything. Naturally, it is getting filmed so that one pervert in town can make some scratch off Insane Asylum Cock Sluts 47 when they release it to video stores later in the year. And just think — a scene with women slapping, crying, and scratching while convicts rape the fuck out of them probably turned on several people who went and saw this in a movie theater.

Ilsa promised her that Abbie would not be poorly treated, but Ilsa decided to modify her deal a bit. Ilsa interrogates Abbie about revolutionaries and who her comrades are, etc. They are really going for that terrorist subplot thing, huh? Seriously, I feel like the first half of this movie was scripted. Freedom Fighters!!! Then everyone was like, cool, whatever, I just want to go home and see my kids and take a shower. Sticking a bag over a girls head and watching her struggle and die is not a usual Ilsa move.

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In the final 10 minutes of the movie, we see our porn peddler again. They ask for Abbie to be released. Seeing Abbie in the state she is in, 10 in crushed. They close in on their cruel captor and kill her with their bare hands and teeth!

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Interestingly enough, though, this is the most tame of the Ilsa movies to this point. The boobs and all the other naughty bits are probably a little less gross in this movie as the girls, even while getting treated, are shot very prettily. It most definitely has the highest volume of bush of any in the series.

This does have some better quality to the movie.