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Ewa is a teenage girl who suffers from a condition of constatnt nose bleed. She deals with the regular day to day growing up issues such as her relationships with her family, friends and boyfriend. On top of this she is soul searching for a meaning to life. Ewa es una adolescente que tiene el problema de que siempre le sangra la nariz. Qui sap The pure physical display a game can be, the excitement for victory, and team spirit is what has such a hold on us.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Football is also related, for example, to what values do we transmit to our children, as we can see in Hooligan Parents.

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Who knows…. Mail: amatista ctv. Vespre de diumenge. The journey to a foreign city to see a foot- Tarde de domingo. Una familia joven ball match becomes a jouney to the memo- espera el comienzo del partido que ries of twenty years ago. Fourteen little kids go over an unsolved football mystery, and they end up teaching an unexpected life lesson to grownups. El viatge a una ciutat estrangera per a veure un partit de futbol es converteix en un viatge als records de fa vint anys.

Sunday evening. A family is waiting for the match to start on their TV. While the plays happen at the stadium and the tension escalates, the fears, anxieties and frustrations of each member of the family is getting disclosed at home.

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Tots els caps de setmana de la temporada, els nens del C. Quatre amics de vuit anys juguen a futbol al carrer. Every weekend, the children of C. From the terraces, their relatives accompany the cheering each goal and regretting each loss as if it was the last one. Naples, Italy. As if it was a geographical space, one can emigrate to the digital world. This is why those who dare to enter its domain will feel like they are a foreigner in a distant country. They will have to face very similar difficulties: on the digital land, the language spoken is a different one, and relationships are built in a different way.

Their problem is ours: How long can we keep up with the rapid development? In the film we get to share three very different stories on the subject of computer game addiction, told through a mix of documentary interviews and animation. Por un momento, encuentra algo con lo que entretenerse.

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One day Wei, sets a brand-new computer, a total abnormal object in his outdated restaurant. In the end, Wei finds something he can hold on to. El Storytelling es poderoso en los espectadores y por eso proliferan los argumentos que se nos presentan como ficcionalizaciones de hechos que han ocurrido. But commercial tags aside, with this section we wanted to pay tribute to the riveting breach where fiction and reality stop being opposites and become one thanks to creativity. Mahler Les extranyes habilitats del Sr.

PDF La vida és breu i el desig infinit (A TOT VENT-RÚST) (Catalan Edition)

La policia li assigna el cas den Henry Kiefer. East Germany, The special investigator Mahler is said to have paranormal abilities. The police assigns him to solve the case of the 6-year-old Henry Kiefer, before this issue leads to political tensions with the West. Un conte de nadal inspirat en un fet real. Un cuento de navidad inspirado en una historia real. A Christmas tale inspired by a true story. Sea innato o no, el instinto violento forma parte de nosotros. Whether it is innate or not, violent instincts are part of us.

Cinema has explored the variety of ways in which violence can be expressed. Through fiction, we discover that, the cruelty often does not rely only on the nature of an action, but also in its context. A bucolic familiar walk in the nature can turn into a nightmare and giving birth to a child and the days that follow a fierce episode. However, who is the victim and who the agressor? A girl discovers her new nature through pain and confusion and she finds the way to achive the harmony.

Alguien les observa con una escopeta, pero Hae-on le distrae y este huye al bosque.

Someone is watching them with shotgun. But he is disturbed by Hae-on and goes away to the forest.

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Una comedia de humor negro sobre la muerte con final feliz. A black comedy about death with a happy ending. A splendid chain of unlikely encounters. Hunters, a tractor driver, a disco boy, and a corpse. Antes de tenta esconder el cuerpo en el bosque. Pareher baby, she turns her face to the wall. Asked if un proceso tan sencillo. She retreats into silence.

It puts a bracelet on the baby, she carries A prisoner murders his guard and tries the letter X. When a woman accidentally witnesses this, the killer pursues her. Against all odds, she refuses to become another easy victim. It turns out that disposing of a body is not that easy. Horror has always fueled the imagination of filmmakers and enthusiasts of this genre continue to grow in number.

In this session the stars are zombies, gore, suspense, psychological terror, blood Mahr is a young nurse who travels to the village where she used to spend the summer in her childhood to take care of her great-aunt, whom she has not seen for years. There, she discovers the state of paranoia suffered by the old lady due to sleep paralysis. Eventually, Mahr ends up entering inside her mind and being attacked by the same fears and monsters. Hoon es un pescador joven y soltero que, por accidente, atrapa una sirena.

Joshua se Hoon is a young bachelor fisherman.

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But when his father Aaron mysteriously disappears Joshua is forced to go outside. A decision that will change his life forever for something is closing in on the little boy.

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Es fa de dia.