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The company currently sells tech-enabled mattresses, pillows, blue-light filtering glasses and bed frames. For lead investor Trae Stephens, a partner at Founders Fund, the reason to invest in Eight Sleep and join the board of directors , was the major improvement in his sleep with an Eight Sleep Pod. Though sleep accessories like weighted blankets, eye masks and supplements are as old as sleep itself, none sync to a subscription app with daily reporting.

The Eight Sleep app features daily reports about users' sleep, guided meditation and more. Previously, I directed marketing at a mobile app startup. I attended This is a BETA experience. You may opt-out by clicking here. Alexandra Sternlicht Forbes Staff. Sleep Rhythm Tracking: Track an estimate of how consistently you sleep at the same time each day. Daily Briefings: Effortlessly get daily notifications about how you slept.

Trend Analysis: Track changes in sleep stats on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Health App Support : Auto sync sleep data to Health app. Data History: See your data from up to a year ago. Keep an Account: Create an account and access your data across multiple iOS devices. Go Premium optional : Score and compare your sleep against others in the SleepWatch community with your own unique number.

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Smart Alarm: Wakes you during a light state of sleep. Many report finding it easier to awaken during a light sleep cycle.

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Time To Fall Asleep: Estimates your time to fall asleep, also known as sleep onset latency. Adaptive Bedtime Suggestions: Tracks your sleep and provides suggestions to optimize sleep rhythm. You get personalized Smart bedtime reminders to promote better Sleep Rhythm. Ranked: SleepWatch has often been one of the top health apps and top apple watch health apps.

Do we need to say it? Getting adequate and quality sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle that may help us:. Leveraging the state-of-the-art motion and pulse sensors in your Apple Watch, our algorithm estimates when you are asleep by analyzing changes in your activity and heart rate. SleepWatch notifications about your sleep are sent after 6am at least 30min after your detected wake-up time.

SleepWatch is not a replacement or substitute for professional medical care.

James Park, CEO of fitness startup Fitbit

Use SleepWatch for informational, general wellbeing and fitness purposes only. Consult a doctor if you have any health concern or before starting any exercise program.

Do not self-adjust medications. From the SleepWatch Blog.


Sleep Better: How to Fall Back Asleep When You Wake Up Too Early

The majority of us depend on alarm clocks and they clearly are entrenched in modern life. Alarms keep us on schedule in a society that demands punctuality for work, school, and that early morning workout. Is there a better way to wake up? Introducing Advanced Tracking mode for Premium Members. Advanced Tracking lets you estimate—and track over time—how long it takes you to fall asleep. Our goal at SleepWatch is to help you sleep better.

One way we aim to achieve this is by providing you with easy access to personalized insights that we believe can help reveal something important about your sleep and overall health.

The Sleepless Elite

With more data at your disposal, you may be able to make better choices to help you achieve your best sleep. This new sleep metric—which is not the same measure as heart rate—may reveal unique attributes about your sleep quality and well-being. Here at SleepWatch, we have a keen interest in keeping up with the latest in sleep news and innovation.

This week's articles cover a range of sleep aids and methods for sleeping better. Trouble getting pregnant? You are not alone. An estimated 6. Can sleep impact fertility?

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This new feature is designed to darken the background of SleepWatch app for a better nighttime experience. Here at SleepWatch, we are constantly striving for new ways to help our users improve their sleep and get more out of SleepWatch.

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Our latest update adds improvements to our sleep anomaly insight. Our latest update adds the ability to track Sleep Disruption.

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