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Shireen Shuster from www. I love your lessons and adore your Reasons Why ebook.

I run an online pronunciation program for international professionals and I'm always looking for ways to help them enhance their other English skills. I highly recommend this website. It's a no nonsense resource with clearly explained strategies for adults. I should also add Joanne, who is responsible for the site, takes an active role in encouraging participants.

I am so glad I found your site. I have been struggling all my life I am I just needed some help with my spelling and there you are. Thank you so much.


I will get there in the end. Hi Joanne Just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I stumbled across it the other day while searching for spelling resources for my adult learners, and I have found it so useful. Will definitely be rooting through your archives to incorporate your methods and tricks into my lessons. I love the videos too. They make explanations so much easier.

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Thank you! Thank you so much for your help, I am 26 and born in this country and my spelling is really bad it holds me back from a lot of things because it can be embarrassing. So I started teaching myself Thanks again, S. I'm starting to enjoy writing and spelling thanks to you, it means the world to me, to be able to do this. It's not just for me but to set an example for my little girl, I didn't have the opportunity when I was growing up so thanks one million.

I still have a fair way to go but this is a start. More of your feedback at the bottom of the page. Or click here for your Spelling Stories. Please check out the How to Spell Shop - all proceeds help this site, and enable me to send out free email spelling lessons - thank you x. Or checkout my books on Amazon Joanne's Amazon page. Spelling Rules Workbook a step-by-step guide to the rules of English spelling suitable for British and American users. Learn all about rules such as drop the 'e', magic 'e' silent 'e', doubling up rule, al, el, le rule, adding ly, y to i rules, ck, k, ke rules, silent letter rules, prefix rules and much much more.

Learning spelling rules is important because 1.

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I have made it recommended reading for my level three law students. The level three access year provides students an extra year with their law degree. Many of these students have struggled with A levels and need a lot of support. I also have mature students on the award who are starting their second career. I think your site, book and tips are very effective. All the Best L. These words are the most misspelled words made by native speakers according to the Oxford Dictionary, Oxford University Press, and Viviane Cook. And the worse thing is they're often misspelled on job application forms.

Do you misspell these words? Don't be the one who misspells these words!

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Learn to spell them in 30 days. Want to know a secret about spelling? Want to remember spellings easily? Want to know tricks that can help you spell?

Second Grade Spelling Words – Curriculum, Spelling Word Lists & Resources

You can learn these in just 30 minutes in my online Spelling Strategies video and you'll never struggle to remember an important spelling again! Click Here. Improve your spelling by knowing the reasons why spelling is so weird and wonderful. Two great ways to improve your spelling are knowing where words come from and taking an interest in words.


That means. Adam ". Click here for books I recommend on spelling, the history of English, dictionaries etc.

Pronouncing Words Incorrectly Makes Spelling More Difficult

I often receive emails from people from all over the world thanking me for the spelling lessons, podcasts and videos. Here are a few comments:. I am a SfL teacher teaching in Adult Ed publicly funded and would like to use your videos in my work. Is that ok, are there copyright restrictions on your materials? Obviously the source and your rights as the author will always be acknowledged.

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  • Ruth S. Just wanted to say another thank you for taking the time to send me these wonderful emails. They are a great help! I'm starting my new teaching assistant job next week and I am a bit nervous because of my spelling but your emails are giving me more confidence. Thanks again Suna. I would like to thank you for your amazing efforts. I think Joanne's website How to spell is the best way to learn the art of spelling.

    After leaving school in year 8 I have always struggled with spelling, even the most simple words. I hope she always has these resources available so others can benefit from her knowledge. Hi Joanne I am so very thankful for your spelling videos, it helps my study. I receive your emails and its more fun.

    I like it. Thank you very much for sending me these materials about spellings. Wow, you're really great. Thanks a lot. Carry on with this amazing job! Mel my reply. Hi Mel Thank you for your nice email. So glad you're finding the lessons useful. They are more than that.